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MAVERICK ML is a leading Software, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence solutions design and development company dedicated to helping businesses transform through cutting-edge technologies



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MAVERICK ML works with GoBubble
MAVERICK ML works with AstraZeneca
MAVERICK ML works with UK Space Agency
MAVERICK ML works with University of Cambridge
MAVERICK ML works with IfM
MAVERICK ML works with MyZone
MAVERICK ML works with Department for Education
MAVERICK ML works with Co.Lab Education
MAVERICK ML works with HelpAge International
MAVERICK ML works with Talk It Out
MAVERICK ML works with Innovate UK
MAVERICK ML works with NHS
MAVERICK ML works with ONS
The team at MAVERICK ML demonstrated a deep understanding of the complexities involved in our Technical R&D project. Their ability to develop a robust failure prediction technology showcased both technical
proficiency and a commitment to pushing the boundaries.

Lily M., Head of Development

BigDHub Limited

About Us

About Us.

MAVERICK ML is a Software, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence solutions development company. We specialise in designing and developing innovative solutions to help companies and organisations across the UK, Europe and the US. Our expert researchers, designers, architects and developers are dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions to address customer problems.

Operating across various sectors, we cater to a diverse range of clients, from entrepreneurs and start-ups to global enterprises and public sector organisations. Based in the heart of Cambridge, we are committed to providing excellent customer service. Our core values of Creativity, Teamwork, Professionalism, and Intelligence guide us as we partner with you to deliver exceptional solutions.

Our Story.

MAVERICK ML was born from the vision of Dr Gishan Don Ranasinghe, an Entrepreneur, AI Specialist, Industrial Engineer, and renowned Scholar with a PhD from the prestigious University of Cambridge. Drawing upon a decade of hands-on experience and an acute understanding of the existing gaps in the current industry landscape, he established MAVERICK ML to solve customer problems through cutting-edge technological solutions. Since its establishment, the company has experienced significant growth, benefiting from a wealth of diverse expertise.

We are driven by the commitment to doing the right thing and making a positive impact on the world through the technological solutions we create. This ethos guides our focus on building innovative and high-quality solutions. The result is a commitment to excellence, creating solutions that both we and our customers can take pride in.

At MAVERICK ML, our dedication to ethical and impactful solutions shapes the path we tread as we strive to create a better future through technology.

Ongoing Research
Science Lab

Research for Early Detection of Alzheimer's.

The growing global issue of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and associated dementias calls for revolutionary interventions. By 2050, the staggering 50 million individuals currently affected by dementia could rise to 150 million. Within the UK, the economic toll of dementia surpasses £34.7 billion annually, underscoring the urgent need for innovative solutions.

We are developing a breakthrough handheld device, akin to a contemporary portable blood-glucose monitor to combat the challenge of early-stage AD detection. This revolutionary solution is built on the integration of minimally invasive wet biomarker analysis and a novel algorithm designed for early AD detection. Our technology emerges as a beacon of hope for Alzheimer's patients all around the world.

Brick Fireplace

Technology for Reducing Harmful Emissions.

Domestic wood burning is a major source of particulate matter (PM) emissions. Emissions of PM2.5 from domestic wood burning increased by 124% between 2011 and 2021. If the UK is to meet statutory PM2.5 targets, we will need to find ways to reduce emissions from domestic wood burning.


We are developing a technological solution to address the challenge of lowering emissions from domestic wood burning while maintaining combustion efficiency.

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